Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Music Awards

Two blogs in the same week... I can't help it. Other people use blogs to blow off steam, so I will try it to see if it helps.
We don't have cable or satellite, so the only information we get while off the road is through the internet. Of course the headline grabbed my attention right away... disasters at the AMA's! Well, I don't follow pop or country or top 40 anything, but I had to read about disasters and music, after all, no matter the genre, we musicians are all kindred spirits of sorts?
But the news clip made it blatantly clear that we are in NO way related! I could not believe my eyes and ears and what our modern culture accepts as entertainment and music.

JLo (however you spell that), falls down. Any other time I'd think tragedy! But she was parading around stepping on men, and who could concentrate on singing with all that leather strapped on? It didn't seem so tragic after all, sorry music Gods, she is not one of my tribe. Music? I thought not... shock value. Then Lady GaGa (however you spell that, I always associated that sound with babies) in a skin colored outfit with little Christmas lights and an octopus on her head... ok, interesting. Until she started breaking bottles and setting a piano on fire! Music? I thought not... shock value. Again, not of my tribe.
Then the Adam Lambert show. I'm not a prude. I don't care about anyone's sexual orientation. But dragging around a girl by the ankles? Miming oral sex? Deep throat kissing a band member? S&M on prime time television? Music? I thought not... more shock value. Certainly not of my tribe.

I don't appreciate Michael Jackson's addiction to his crotch while singing. But I do appreciate his musicality. I can't tell you if I appreciate the musicality of those mentioned above, because I simply can't remember anything but the shock value. Pole dancing, sexual miming, little or no clothing, outrageous movements and gymnastics... what about music? Lyric? Delivery? Connection? Am I the only one to want those items in my auditory experience? What does the rest of my species find entertaining about pretend sex, LED lights, destruction and shock?
What can be the next greatest shock value trick? I'm not sure I want to know. Maybe some new performer will really be unique and shock everyone with the simple beauty of music?
oh to find one of my tribe in mainstream music...
oh how outdated I am...

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